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RockPools &

Candy Stalls

Soothing Sweet Orange with a twist of Geranium, blended perfectly with earthy Vetiver and calming Bergamot …….. allow its warmth to restore you like the afternoon sun!

This beautiful candle denotes a trip to the beach ….. full of fun, optimism, love and happiness.


Enjoy lighting it any time of the day when life is feeling too serious, to get in touch with your inner child and to ease the pressure of everyday life! 


Rock Pools & Candy Stalls is ideal for when you are full on taking care of family, work and looking after everyone but yourself and need a bit of ‘me time’.  I often light it during that space of time inbetween finishing work and making dinner and getting everyone ready for tomorrow - a well needed boost to get us over that last hump of the day!


Also light and enjoy with your family to help restore tranquillity and equilibrium.


Rockpools & Candy Stalls comprises a blend of 6 essential oils - a range of top, middle and base notes from across the essential oil families including fruity, floral and sweet.  This blend has a beautiful orange hue.  Each essential oil plays an important role in the ‘Happy & Sweet’ personality of the blend with its core profile derived from:


  • Geranium – a balancing uplifting middle note with a rose like scent it has a regulating effect on the nervous system.  “Geranium is ideal for the workaholic perfectionist – the person who has forgotten imagination, intuition and sensory experience”! Salvatore Battaglia


  • Vetiver – a grounding, inspiring yet uplifting base note which is said to regenerate and restore both body and mind and reconnect us to mother earth!


  • Sweet Orange – a fresh, gentle cheerful top note much loved by children as it radiates warmth, joy and fun ……


  • Bergamot - an essential oil loved by all and for very good reason.  It is a fruity and lively top note with a gentle floral scent and provides a relaxing, calming yet uplifting quality.


Rockpools & Candy Stalls is all about my childhood and happy days ……. setting off with my family in our old car to the seaside, making sandcastles, browsing dinky shops, exploring rockpools and eating too much candy. Not forgetting enduring a nasty, sun-wilted, actually by now full of ‘sand’wich!


My Dad used to have a saying at the end of every family outing of ‘Taking it as a whole, it has been a good day’. It was only since having my own children I truly understood that what he actually meant was ‘you have all been a total pain in the backside for the majority of the day with the squabbles, moans, bumps & scrapes …. but it has still been great all spending time together'!

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