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Farewells & Carousels

Spicy Cardamon and Coriander with a twist of soothing Amyris and rounded off with exotic Patchouli …….. it is saying goodbye to the busy day & transitioning into the glamorous evening ahead!

Enjoy this sensual candle anytime of the day but especially in the evening when you want to relax into adult time, dinner with family & friends or time to unwind with your favourite book or movie. Allow it to dispel any mental fatigue or worries, enhance a good mood & restore your appetite for life!


Farewells & Carousels comprises a blend of 6 essential oils - a range of top, middle and base notes from across the essential oil families including herbal, spicy, and exotic.  Each essential oil plays an important role in the ‘Sensual & Spicy’ personality of the blend with its core profile derived from:


  • Cardamon - reputed to be one of the oldest spices known, it is a warm spicy top note with a sweet and almost floral aroma as it settles down. 


  • Coriander - a sweet spicy middle note that has a peppery-woody undertone and is known for its aphrodisiac qualities! 


  • Amyris - one of my favourite essential oils it is a sweet warm and soothing base note that anchors the blend.   Subtle, yet effective!   


  • Patchouli – an exotic base note with an extremely rich, herbaceous, aromatic, spicy and woody balsamic aroma.  With sweet and earthy notes it delivers both soothing, calming and somewhat hypnotising qualities along with grounding and sensualising effects. 


Farewells & Carousels is leaving the beach behind and heading to the pier for the glitzy lights & Carousels for an evening of laughter, warmth & promise!  For me it is retreating from the pebbly beach of Brighton and heading to The Lanes to grab a bite to eat or cocktails in my favourite bar.


It also reminds me of family holidays in Malaga when the days are long and evenings stay warm, still sitting on the beach at 7pm when someone declares it as Sangria O’clock! I love this part of the day.

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