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Our Story
Cherished childhood memories of family holidays at the British seaside are at the heart of Rock My Wick. 

Now an adult, I still love a trip to the seaside and always feel happy, alive, inspired and at one with the world! 

I love the smell of the sea, the sound of the waves, the sea breeze against my face, the glitz of the pier and, in particular, the rock shops with their crazy bright colours and fruity, sweet flavours just waiting to be discovered. 

In more recent years, at the end of a perfect day on a Norfolk beach, I stood in a rock shop with my parents watching my elated children build wonderful memories of their own. 
I discussed with my Dad my desire to capture this beautiful nostalgia in a healthy and wholesome way and he suggested incorporating it into my love of candles.  There it was Rock My Wick was born! 

Remembering my lovely Dad, whose flame will continue to burn in my heart forever.  

Thank you so much for your interest in Rock My Wick.

Sarah x 
Dad & a Little Me, Cornwall 1976

I have an Essential Oil Business Diploma and a Candle Making Diploma.  In addition, I have attended a number of workshops in 

Botanical Perfumery and further candle making.  In a pre-child life, I have 20 years experience in HR & Event Management.

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