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Farewells & Carousels includes spicy Cardamon and Coriander with a twist of soothing Amyris and rounded off with exotic Patchouli …….. it is saying goodbye to the busy day & transitioning into the glamorous evening ahead!


Enjoy this sensual candle anytime of the day but especially in the evening when you want to relax into adult time, dinner with family & friends or time to unwind with your favourite book or movie. Allow it to dispel any mental fatigue or worries, enhance a good mood & restore your appetite for life!


Farewells & Carousels is leaving the beach behind and heading to the pier for the glitzy lights & Carousels for an evening of laughter, warmth & promise! For me it is retreating from the pebbly beach of Brighton and heading to The Lanes to grab a bite to eat or cocktails in my favourite bar.  I love this part of the day.

Farewells & Carousels Medium 165g

  • A 20cl candle glass containing our luxurious natural plant wax & pure essential oil blend with a burn time of 35 - 40 hours.

    Height:  83mm
    Diameter:  70mm

    Net weight:  165g

    All of our blend candles are delivered in our individual gift box with a modish postcard!

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