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Rock My Wick reed diffusers are a combination of essential oil mixed with a base.  The fibre reeds passively draw the fragrance upwards, dispersing the essential oils via evaporation out of the bottle to diffuse the scent throughout the room. No flame is needed.


Sunbeams & Daydreams is a heartfelt blend of 7 essential oils, each playing an important role in its ‘warm & precious’ personality.  With its core profile derived from Rose, Manuka & Ylang Ylang.  A floral, fruity and woody blend, with an exotic undertone. 


It benefits from the beautifully soft and woody aroma of rose.   Sweet, slightly spicy and healing Manuka.  Fruity & playful sweet orange.  Finished with soothing, yet exotic Ylang Ylang.

Sunbeams & Daydreams is about love, kisses & friendships.  It takes me to happy & fun chats, warm embraces, precious moments and beloved memories shared.


What's in the box:

*  1 high-quality clear glass Apothecary diffuser bottle containing 125ml of our luxurious pure essential oil Sunbeams & Daydreams blend & base, ceiled with a natural cork

*  10 fibre reed sticks (you choose black or natural)

*  Presented in our Special Edition Gift Box

Special Edition Sunbeams & Daydreams Reed Diffuser - 125ml

  • A high-quality clear glass Apothecary diffuser bottle containing our luxurious pure essential oil Sunbeams & Daydreams blend & base.  A 125ml diffuser should last for approximately 3-4 months.

    • 125ml
    • Height of glass:  100mm
    • Height with reed sticks:  250mm
    • Diameter:  66mm

    Delivered in our individual Special Edition gift box with a blend info card and our stylish postcard.

    Important Tip:  Flip your reeds regularly to help the oil climb and keep the scent fresh and fragrant. We suggest every few days. Although, keep in mind that the more you flip the quicker the oil will evaporate.

    1. Do not light the diffuser reeds.  The liquid inside the diffuser can be flammable.
    2. Keep reed diffuser out of the reach of children and pets.
    3. Do not ingest diffuser liquid.
    4. People suffering from perfume sensitivity should be cautious when using this product.
    5. Use gloves when setting up your diffuser and when handling used reeds.
    6. Do not place the diffuser directly onto polished, painted, plastic or leather surfaces or on electric equipment, as accidental spillage may cause damage to certain materials.
    7. Diffuser liquid may damage some surfaces.
    8. Please follow our full care guidelines for safe usage and to get the most from your Rock My Wick products.
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