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Our 3 Blend Votives gives you the opportunity to dip into each of our beautiful blends.


The set includes three stunning 9cl candle glasses, each containing 80g of our luxurious natural plant wax and pure essential oil blends.


Sunrise & High Tides includes beautiful woody Juniper Berry, blended with ‘sweet like candy’ Benzoin, finished with a splash of fresh Spearmint and Lemon for the ultimate pick me up!


Rockpools and Candy Stalls includes soothing Sweet Orange with a twist of Geranium, blended perfectly with calming Bergamot …….. allow its warmth to restore you like the afternoon sun!


Farewells & Carousels includes spicy Cardamon and Coriander with a twist of soothing Amyris and rounded off with exotic Patchouli …….. it is saying goodbye to the busy day & transitioning into the glamorous evening ahead!

3 Blend Votives £30

  • x3 9cl clear candle glass each containing 80g of our luxurious natural plant wax & pure essential oil blends with a burn time of 15 hours per candle (total burn time of 45 hours).

    Height:  64mm
    Diameter:  50mm

    Net weight:  82.5g

  • The first time you light your candle we recommend you let it burn until the melted wax on the top reaches the edge of the glass.  See our candle care guidelines for further info. 

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