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Sunrise & High Tides

Woody Juniper Berry, blended with ‘sweet like candy’ Benzoin, finished with a splash of fresh Spearmint and Lemon for the ultimate pick me up!

Enjoy this stunning candle anytime of the day when you want to feel refreshed, awakened and focused!  We would especially recommend lighting it over a coffee with family or friends, during a lazy breakfast, whilst you are getting the picnic ready for a family day out, practicing yoga, exercising, sitting down at your desk to work …..

Sunrise & High Tides comprises a blend of 7 essential oils - a range of top, middle and base notes from across the essential oil families including fruity, herbal, sweet and balsamic.  There may be very small pieces of citrus visable in the wax.  Each essential oil plays an important role in the ‘Lively & Minty’ personality of the blend with its core profile derived from:


  • Juniper Berry - a woody salty middle note known for its ability to uplift, refresh and invigorate.


  • Benzoin – a ‘sweet like candy’ comforting base note with a woody vanilla-y undertone.


  • Spearmint - a warming top note that can have a stimulating effect and reduce mental stress. 


  • Lemon – a refreshing emotionally calming top note known for its ability to lift spirits, clear the mind and overcome fatigue.


Sunrise & High Tides is the start of a new day!  It is the fresh morning breeze as you wait for the sun to rise high and give some warmth.


It reminds me of an early morning walk or run along a coastal path, where the hightide has turned giving way to an unspoilt expanse of sand that you want to run on & make footprints.


It takes me to the rare times when I am blessed with watching the sunrise, sitting on a balcony overlooking the sea enjoying breakfast, taking my children for an early morning trip to the beach.

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