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Candles, Melts & Diffusers Inspired by the Great British Seaside


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Sunbeams & Daydreams

Warm & Precious

Have you ever experienced the sensation of an aroma, suddenly and out of the blue, taking you to a really happy place?  Tapping into your subconscious and transporting you to somewhere you have been before ......... sometimes you can’t even put your finger on where or when it was but it feels familiar and you savour this brief encounter and the good vibe it brings.

Aromas have an incredible power to trigger a detailed memory and have a strong connection with our emotions and associations.

A blend of aromas will smell and mean something different to every person as it taps into the brain’s olfactory bulb (aka smell centre) and the parts of the brain where our emotions are given meaning and then attached to associations and responses (emotional memories).

Emotional memories are at the forefront of Rock My Wick.  Our blends comprise a range of pure essential oils including floral, fruity, green, herbal, balsamic, spicy, woody, musty, earthy, sweet, exotic and sensual aromas ……. to enable us to connect, by way of association, to past familiar happy places.  Doing for you what the Seaside does for me! 
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