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Our Large 'Blend + Day Trips & Skinny Dips' Bundle includes: 


1 of our 230g blend candles plus 2 of our 230g ‘Day Trips & Skinny Dips’ with a total clean burn time of 135 hours.   

How it works:

If like me, you like the synergy of burning 3 candles together this bundle is perfect for you.


  • You choose 1 beautiful 230g blend candle from our collection:


Sunrise & Hightides

Rockpools & Candy Stalls

Farewells & Carousels


  • Compliment your blend candle with 2 pure soy wax 230g ‘Day Trips & Skinny Dips’.


‘Day Trips & Skinny Dips’ is NUDE - N0 essential oils - NO gift box. 

A stunning candle made with 100% pure essential oil. 


What’s in the box: 

  • 1 of our 230g blend candles presented in our individual gift box.
  • 2 of our 230g ‘Day Trips & Skinny Dips’ (no gift box).


Giving a total clean burn time of 135 hours.


Bundle Price £52 (each blend candle costs £28 & ‘Skinny Dips’ costs £14 each)

- £4 saving with this bundle

Blend + Day Trips & Skinny Dips Large Bundle £52

  • x 1 30cl candle glass containing our luxurious natural plant wax & pure essential oil blend with a burn time of 45 - 50 hours delivered in our invidiual gift box.

    x 2 30cl candle glass containing our luxurious natural plant wax with a burn time of 45 - 50 hours each.

    Height: 93mm 

    Diameter: 78mm

    Net weight: 230g

    All of our blend candles are delivered with a modish postcard!

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