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Our Three Blend Medium Bundle includes 3 of our 165g blend candles with a total clean burn time of 105 hours.

How it works:

Each of our 3 blends are individual and not made with the intention to compliment each other & we would not suggest lighting them together.  Whereby, with this bundle you have 2 options depending on what you would like to achieve:


  • 3 different beautiful blends x 1 candle


Enjoy 1 candle from each of our blends & light them one at a time.  This gives you the opportunity to try each of our blends.  Choose from Sunrise & Hightides, Rockpools & Candy Stalls and Farewells & Carousels. 




  • 1 of our beautiful blends x 3 candles


If you like to burn more than one candle at the same time, are looking to intensify the scent or would like to burn the same candle throughout different rooms, we recommend that you choose 3 candles of the same blend, i.e.  3 of our Sunrise & High Tides. 


Please also see our 'Blend + Day Trips & Skinny Dips' Bundles


What is included: 

3 of our 165g blend candles with a total clean burn time of 105 hours, each candle is presented in our individual gift box.


Bundle Price £60 (each individual candle costs £21)

- £3 saving with this bundle!

Three Blend Medium Bundle £60

  • x3 20cl candle glass containing our luxurious natural plant wax & pure essential oil blend with a burn time of 35 - 40 hours each.

    Height:  83mm
    Diameter:  70mm

    Net weight:  165g

    All of our blend candles are delivered in our individual gift box with a modish postcard!

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